POTW: Done with chemo!

Done with chemo!

    This week’s picture of the week is really the picture of a lifetime.  It is a picture of success.  It is a picture of accomplishment.  It is a picture of Holly with some of her nurses and her Oncologist after she finished her final chemo treatment!  This is a day we have both been looking forward to for quite a while now, and we are both just so thrilled that it is over.  Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

–Dan Thompson


  1. So thrilled and so proud of you both. Praising God for His care throughout this and praying He will wrap His loving arms around you both. I love you. Mom/Janet

  2. Fabulous news Holly and Dan, now to get on with life and show cancer what living is all about.

  3. Awesome picture of awesome people–way to fight! Kathy

  4. I love you both so much! So glad the last treatment is DONE! Holly, You are a Survivor and hopefully your story can help someone else should they have to fight the same battle.

  5. I am so glad this part of this journey is over for both of you and your family. Our prayers have been answered and we thank God for that. I am glad that I could be a part of your encouragement team. I found out today that a friend from high school just found out that she has stage 3 maybe stage 4 breast cancer, she is 63. She is not handling the news very well and is not looking forward to the many treatments ahead for her. I will do my best to encourager her through her journey. Holly you have been such an inspiritation to all of us in how you have faced and battled this cancer. You may be a tiny little thing but you sure have a strong will to survive. Love you and looking forward to a lot of good things to happen in your life.

  6. I am SO proud of you, Holly!! Now in about 6 weeks you will begin to sprout hair!!! Keep in touch!



  7. So glad to hear the last treatment is done! I hope you have an amazing 2011! Love you both!

  8. A glorious day!

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