POTW: New Beginnings

Dan and Holly

    Easter Sunday is all about Christ’s love for us, and all about the awesome salvation story of His resurrection.  It’s about new beginnings.  A couple week’s ago, Holly really started getting irritated with wearing hats all the time and so she decided that Easter Sunday was going to be her day to stop covering her head… her new beginning.  It hasn’t been easy for her; she said earlier that she felt like she had been stripped of all her dignity, but I see it differently.  She looks beautiful to me.  She looks like a survivor… a survivor who is moving on with life.

–Dan Thompson


  1. Holly looks beautiful. This photo is incredible. Best wishes on new beginnings.

  2. This is a sweet and serene picture. Holly, I know it makes you feel vulnerable, but Dan is right. I see a beautiful survivor!

  3. Hooray for Holly! My mom hated her wigs and hats. At first, she was a little apprehensive about going out in public without anything, but then realized that it was *other people* that were uncomfortable with her illness and that she couldn’t make everyone at ease.

  4. tear-jerkingly beautiful shot. Love the love in both of your eyes.

  5. You both are AMAZING and all that matters is what you think, not other people. What a wonderful day to have a ‘coming out’ and a new beginning… Like Jesus!!

  6. This picture has made my day! You are such an amazing woman Holly!

  7. What a wonderful picture of both of you. Yes Dan there is nothing like being with a beautiful women. God Bless you both!!

  8. Great photo guys!

  9. A beautiful story of two beautiful people who are both survivors. I love you both.


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